“Listen Up”  Luke 9:28-36 Delivered to Church for the Highlands, by John Henson Transfiguration Sunday, February 7, 2016 There’s no question I feel more manly in my truck these days.  Its not that I was not manly before, but the cherry bomb glass pack mufflers Jack installed back when he was driving it have upped […]


Message Manuscript for “Christmas Contrasts” Delivered to Church for the Highlands  John Henson Christmas Eve, 2015 I wasn’t sure what to wear today. In Christmases past, I have typically worn a bright red Christmas sweater, wool pants, and a thick cotton shirt to combat the winter chill. This year, however, I had to look through […]


Message Manuscript for “How Mary Instructs Us”   Luke 1:39-55 Delivered to Church for the Highlands   John Henson Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 20. 2015 It is difficult to define our Advent word for today: Love. We use it in so many ways, describing our feelings for someone we are crazy about, someone who is […]

isaiah_ by Mark Chagall

Manuscript of First Sunday after Pentecost    Isaiah 6:1-8 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, May 31, 2015   On March 24, 1991, one of the oldest and largest Redwoods in California crashed to the ground. People call the tree the Dyerville Giant, and it lies where it fell. When it stood, the tree […]

Brian Whelan Ascension 36 x 29 65 bd 2012

Message Manuscript for “Left Behind”   John 17:6-19 Delivered to Church for the Highlands 7th Sunday of Easter, May 17, 2015 “I just don’t know what I am going to do now” is what the man sitting next to me said with a tremble in his voice and tears in his eyes.  His wife had recently died, […]


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