Monthly Archives: June 2019

For a Salvadoran Father and Daughter

*In response to the picture of a Salvadoran father and his daughter washed up on the Rio Grande Longing for freedom Just on the other side Oppression and hopelessness How deep can the water be A touch to St Christopher Thoughts for her, what she can be Child to carry Stay and die Swim and […]

A non-cheesy Christian production?

I was preparing for a weekly chapel service this week from this Sunday’s gospel text–Luke 8:26-39. As I was pulling up the text on my phone, I saw this video clip connected to the text.  I watched it and was surprised at how Jesus was not the typical pasty white Jesus in most of the […]

Getting Guidance

Message Manuscript for “Getting the Guide”    John 16:12-15Delivered to Church for the HighlandsTrinity Sunday, June 16, 2019 I was in an antique store recently and saw a bin full of maps for sale. I thumbed through them and reminisced about the paper maps that occupied my dad’s glove box in his truck, each folded […]

Burning with Sweet Love

Experiencing Pentecost in our world today