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“Benefits of Having a Good Shepherd”

“Benefits of Having a Good Shepherd” Church for the Highlands Sunday, April 29, 2012 Podcast: Sermon Audio  

Bleating Love

Lectionary Haiku Acts 4:5-12 Coward thrice before Spirit having its way now Peter now his name —————- From Psalm 23/John 10:11-18 Bleating all around A table prepared for me Living love laid down —————- From  1 John 10:11-18 So what is true love? Fruit borne from us abiding Actions not just words

Good Shepherd Quotes

As seen in the last post of Scripture in this Sunday’s Revised Common Lectionary, it’s mostly about sheep and a Good Shepherd.  I found the following quotes on sheep and shepherds.  I’m still looking for sheep humor, so please send any (clean, of course) along: The shepherd drives the wolf from the sheep’s for which […]

Overview of Scripture for this Sunday, Easter 4B

Readings for this Sunday, Easter 4B Acts 4:5-12—Here we see Peter boldly proclaiming the news about Jesus’ resurrection.  He and John have been arrested for their failure to stop spreading the news and now appear before the Sanhedrin for their actions.  Verse 13 is not included in the reading for this Sunday, but it provides […]

“3 Apps for the Resurrection”

Three applications for the resurrection of Jesus, found in the Gospel text for today–Luke 24:36-48 Click Here for the audio podcast.

How to Keep an Open Mind

The Gospel text for this Sunday (Luke 24:36b-48, the third Sunday of Easter, is so full of amazing content, it’s hard to focus on just one idea for a sermon. While they were talking about this, Jesus himself stood among them and said to them, ‘Peace be with you.’* They were startled and terrified, and thought […]

Giving a Voice to Stop Bullying

I managed to get this out in my allotted 2 minutes, a rarity for Baptist preachers.   My Comments to House Education Committee re: HB 407, the School Bullying Prevention Act today, April 18, 2012, Baton Rouge, LA As a pastor, I whole-heartedly support this bill for several reasons.  First, I support it because it […]

Sermon Writing and Scrivener

I am using a trial version of Scrivener, after reading a few comments about it in different places. It is available for Mac, Windows, and, soon, the iPad. It is  primarily a tool for writing books, epubs, essays, and poetry.  Several posts about using it as a tool for organizing and writing a sermon are […]

“Give Them Away” by Jack Henson

My son, Jack, preached his first sermon ever today during our worship service this morning.  It was our first youth-led service.  Many thanks to Kyle Kelley, Karin Tillstrom, and Frances Kelley for worship planning and working with the youth to provide a great service for us all. Below is Jack’s sermon manuscript.  He did an […]

Lectionary this Week

I have not posted anything lectionary-oriented this week, as I am not preaching this Sunday. Tomorrow is Youth Sunday and my thirteen-year old son, Jack, will be preaching for the first time. Unbeknownst to Jinny and me, he volunteered for it in one of the Youth Sunday School meetings last month. He is a great […]