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Communion Sunday

The smell of bread. The red hue in the chalice. Communion Sunday. Our church observes Communion Sunday on the first Sunday of the month.  I guess this has become a tradition, one that works out well on the calendar and in the memory of our members.  It is always a special time of grace, inclusion, […]

What is it like to build a Rubble House in Haiti?

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Building a Rubble House begins with a group of volunteers who want to dedicate a week to working, living, laughing, eating, sleeping, praying, and playing in Grand Goave, Haiti. A team from Oakland Baptist Church recently returned from a Rubble House construction mission in January and these are their pictures. The…

Mark Twain on My Walk

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. ~Mark Twain I joined what seemed like the rest of Shreveport out on a walk yesterday in the early evening. I was trying to help slim one of our widening chihuahuas as well as give […]

Creaster Keys

These keys have been in our church foyer since Christmas. No one has claimed them, so I’m assuming a Creaster worshiper (Christmas and Easter) had left them. Time will tell.

Jack’s Deep Thoughts

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Last week, Jack was asked by one of Caddo Middle Magnet School’s counselors, Mrs. Guerrero, to speak at a meeting for parents of prospective students. This event was geared toward private school parents whose children recently tested for CMM.  I asked him what he planned to say about an hour…

Wandering back into Wondering

Jinny and I just finished a writing project (she did 99% of it) and I have had some big projects I’ve been working on that have kept me too busy to do much blogging. I hope to be a little more consistent with posting here to Wondering Thoughts. Thanks to Mike Pavell for the much […]

Benjamin’s Life…Changed for Good

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When Chick-fil-A owner John Roden of Bossier City, Louisiana, heard Maggie Lee’s story at his church in early October, 2010, he wanted his restaurant take part in Maggie Lee for Good Day.  He shared the story with his marketer, Renee Wilson, who contacted us and asked if we were open…

Tax Help

Our church is providing free tax help for $50k and under filers.  We are an official IRS VITA location, set up to prepare and file taxes online.  Our preparers (angels, really) have passed an IRS Preparation exam and know how to handle most any situation.  It has proven to be a real challenge for our […]