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How to Be Angry

“Anger Ally” John 2:13-22 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Third Sunday in Lent, March 11, 2012 [Trailer Clip from Anger Management movie] There are some real issues with anger management here. We laugh, but fully realizing that we can identify. We could all use an “anger ally,” couldn’t we? Adam Sandler’s anger ally didn’t […]

Overlooking Jesus’ Anger?

The story of Jesus turning over tables in the Temple is familiar, both inside and outside of the Christian faith. What I have found, however, is that familiarity doesn’t always result in acceptance.  We tend to overlook the fact the reality that our Lord and Savior made his own whip (what was he thinking while […]

What Issues Should Make Us Angry?

As I write my sermon on Jesus taking a whip after certain people, overturning tables, and causing a ruckus in the Temple, I am wondering what constitutes a cause for righteous indignation? If Jesus provides a model for healthy anger, what should followers of Jesus be angry about today? What tables need overturning? Any ideas?

Jesus Getting Angry

The Gospel text for this Sunday, John 2:13-22, in video: I will explore the issue of anger and how Jesus dealt with it tomorrow and then in my sermon for this Sunday.