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“Becoming” sermon from last Sunday

3 B’s:  “Becoming” Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, September 23, 2012 Audio of sermon is here. [Acorn to Oak video[1]]  A lot happens in 8 months in the life of an acorn, does it not? It is amazing to think of what that acorn becomes, as life in the ground produces a vine […]

“The Fruit of Attachment” sermon from today

“The Fruit of Attachment”  John 15:1-8 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, May 6, 2012, Easter 5B The benefits of staying attached to Jesus . . . Oneness Purpose Fruit Audio Podcast click here iTunes Podcast channel here (sometimes it take a few hours for iTunes to list most recent podcast)

Overview of Scripture for this Sunday, Easter 5B

Acts 8:26-40 It is hard for me to imagine the Ethiopian eunuch without thinking of a few eunuch scenes in Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part 1. One doesn’t just run into eunuchs these days, but they were a part of life in Philip’s time. The one Philip met on the road was no […]