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Staying True to Jesus

“Staying True to Jesus” John 6:56-69 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, August 22, 2021 I remember this time of year in so many summers of my youth. Our church typically had youth camp in August. Oftentimes there was even a youth revival on the weekend before school started, which was every youth minister’s […]

Dying to Live

“Dying to Live”Delivered to Church for the HighlandsFifth Sunday in Lent, March 21, 2021Rev. Dr. John Henson

When God Calls

Hearing and responding to God’s call to work in the world

A Come and See Faith

“Developing a Come and See Faith” John 1:43-51Delivered to Church for the Highlands2nd Sunday after the Epiphany, January 17, 2021 Rev. Dr. John Henson

“Orientation” on 2nd Sunday of #Lent

Sermon audio from the Second Sunday of Lent at Church for the Highlands, Shreveport, LA Walking in the Way of Jesus:  “Orientation” Audio and link to podcast is here

New Sermon Series for Lent 2015

Audio from First Sunday of Lent:  “Preparation”

How to Give Up

“How to Give Up”  Luke 14:25-33 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, September 8, 2013 Jesus challenges a large crowd of followers to give up their possessions if they want to become his disciples, providing the crowd of today with the same challenge.                       […]

“You Belong?” Sermon from Sunday

“You Belong?” Sermon from Sunday, September 16, 2012 2nd Anniversary of Church for the Highlands Shreveport, LA 71104 This kicks off a focus for our third year, one of missional discipleship, coming from John 15:1-17.  In celebration of alliteration, we are calling it the 3B’s:  Belong, Become, Bear. Here more about it, beginning with Belong: […]


What does it mean to be in partnership with God?  Jesus took every opportunity when teaching to make sure the crowd around him heard God’s invitation to partner with them to love the world.  The Gospel text for today, Mark 6:1-13, provides a great example of how Jesus did this in his own hometown, even […]

He Called Me Satan

“He Called Me Satan”   Mark 8:31-38 Delivered to Church for the Highlands 2nd Sunday in Lent, March 4, 2012 itunes podcast here  “He called me Satan!  Can you believe that!”  Those must have been Peter’s first words after hearing Jesus call him Satan.  If they weren’t his words, they must have been his initial thoughts.  […]