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Images for prayer

I’m preaching on Luke 11:1-13 (NRSV) this Sunday. As always, I’m on the hunt for images that illustrate the text, a help for me as I think and pray through it during the week but also for people as they hear the text read on Sunday. He was praying in a certain place, and after he […]

Learning from Quintilian

I have not been posting sermon manuscripts with the audio, as I am preaching extemporaneously this summer.  My love for writing and knowing each word I will use each Sunday is always surpassed by the connection made when getting into the kairos moments with the congregation who is present.  Extemporaneous preaching, of course, takes just […]

Starting an Olympic Sermon Series

I am not the biggest fan of sermon series, although I have done plenty, even one or two going for what seemed an eternity of Sundays. It doesn’t take long until you see the torture in people’s faces, the squirms in the pews, and the predictable head bobbing (usually just by the deacons who used […]

Festival of Homiletics

I hated to miss the Festival of Homiletics, which is happening this week in Atlanta.  The middle of May isn’t a great time to way, with the end-of-school last lap and all.  It is a great conference, though,  providing plenty of inspiration for preparation for the pulpit. I’m hoping to make it next year. The […]