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Dying to Live

“Dying to Live”Delivered to Church for the HighlandsFifth Sunday in Lent, March 21, 2021Rev. Dr. John Henson

“Healing Down”

“Healing Down” Numbers 21:4-9, John 3:14-21Delivered to Church for the HighlandsFourth Sunday in Lent, March 14, 2021Rev. Dr. John Henson

“Spring Cleaning”

“Spring Cleaning”Delivered to Church for the HighlandsThird Sunday in Lent, March 7, 2021Rev. Dr. John Henson

When God Calls

Hearing and responding to God’s call to work in the world

Surviving the Wilderness

Message Manuscript for Lent 1B Mark 1:9-15Delivered to Church for the Highlands First Sunday in Lent, February 21, 2021 Rev. Dr. John Henson How are your survival skills? This past week has been one that showed if we have them. I mean, who would’ve ever thought we would go days on end without running water, […]

Hiking with Jesus

Sometimes we just need to see Jesus in a different light.

An Eye-Opening Experience

“An Eye-Opening Experience”    John 9:1-41 Delivered to Church for the Highlands       John Henson The Fourth Sunday of Lent,  March 26, 2017 Audio/podcast of this sermon is here.

More about Jesus

“Seeking Jesus at Night” Delivered to Church for the Highlands   John 3:1-17     John Henson Sunday, March 12, 2017 Not long ago, ABC News reported on something that could get you in a lot of trouble:  losing your wedding ring. The story was about Colleen Dyckman, who said she accidentally threw out her […]

The Undertow of Temptations of Power

Message Manuscript for Lent 1A Matthew 4:1-11 Delivered to Church for the Highlands        John Henson Sunday, March 5, 2017 [Audio of this sermon is here.] How long can you endure in a crisis? That’s a question Lesley Alderman asks in her book, The Book of Times. Here’s what she finds: If you’re […]

Going with Jesus from Seeing to Listening

Message Manuscript for Transfiguration Sunday 2017        Matthew 17:1-9 Delivered to Church for the Highlands           John Henson Sunday, February 26, 2017 Audio of this sermon is here I was driving down Southfield Dr. this past week until I was stopped by a red light at the intersection with […]