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Here for Jesus

How our calling as a church comes from understanding who Jesus is and who we are

A Different Pledge of Allegiance

Message Manuscript for “A Different Pledge of Allegiance”Delivered to Church for the HighlandsSunday, August 23, 2020 Did you see the video of Louisiana Congressman Cedric Richmond’s son reciting the Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC this past week? Here it is in case you missed it. Isn’t that great? And you will notice that he […]

He Called Me Satan

“He Called Me Satan”   Mark 8:31-38 Delivered to Church for the Highlands 2nd Sunday in Lent, March 4, 2012 itunes podcast here  “He called me Satan!  Can you believe that!”  Those must have been Peter’s first words after hearing Jesus call him Satan.  If they weren’t his words, they must have been his initial thoughts.  […]