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Nones and Dones

A simple description of true religion

What the Shepherds Teach Us

“What the Shepherds Teach Us” A Sermon Delivered to Church for the Highlands Christmas Eve 2019

What Joseph Teaches Us

“What Joseph Teaches Us” A Sermon Delivered to Church for the Highlands Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 22, 2019

Being Church in a Post-Church World, Part 2

Sermon podcast from Sunday is here  


Message Manuscript for “Just Do Good” Isaiah 1:1,10-20 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, August 11, 2019 A term I’ve heard a lot in this past week is “tone-deaf.” I’ve heard it in news reports, seen it in tweets and posts, and even used it myself in conversations. The reason it has been so […]

When I’m Half Dead

My sermon for this week, “What I Can’t Do Without My Neighbor: When I’m Half-Dead,”  is posted here on Medium. Also, video from our church’s livecast is here.

More thoughts on the neighbor in the ditch

As I continue to study the text (Good Samaritan parable) for this Sunday, N.T. Wright’s take (Jesus and the Victory of God) on it is as challenging as it is helpful.  He sees the parable as Jesus’ way of teaching the lawyer–and Israel–to take a completely new and different view of what it means to be […]

Quotes and image for our bulletin this Sunday

“The Christian, however, must bear the burden of a brother. He must suffer and endure the brother. It is only when he is a burden that another person is really a brother and not merely an object to be manipulated.”   Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Life Together “If God is our father, the church is our mother.” […]

“When Our Religion Misses the Point”     Luke 13:10-17 Delivered to Church for the Highlands      John Henson Sunday, August 21, 2016 Some of my greatest memories involve dogs. I’ve always had one at least one, and I can easily say that dogs truly are a man’s best friend. They are also great partners, especially those bred […]

“Be Do” Sermon Audio from Sunday

“Be Do”   James 1:17-27 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, September 2, 2012 Two simple words found in James 1 can define your life as a follower of Jesus. Audio of sermon is here.