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Hiking with Jesus

Sometimes we just need to see Jesus in a different light.

Going with Jesus from Seeing to Listening

Message Manuscript for Transfiguration Sunday 2017        Matthew 17:1-9 Delivered to Church for the Highlands           John Henson Sunday, February 26, 2017 Audio of this sermon is here I was driving down Southfield Dr. this past week until I was stopped by a red light at the intersection with […]

“Listen Up” sermon from Transfiguration Sunday

“Listen Up”  Luke 9:28-36 Delivered to Church for the Highlands, by John Henson Transfiguration Sunday, February 7, 2016 There’s no question I feel more manly in my truck these days.  Its not that I was not manly before, but the cherry bomb glass pack mufflers Jack installed back when he was driving it have upped […]

“Staying Attentive to the Light” sermon

“Staying Attentive to the Light” Delivered to Church for the Highlands Last Sunday after Epiphany, March 2, 2014

Jesus Up Close and Personal

“Jesus Up Close and Personal”  Luke 9:28-36 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, February 10, 2012    Transfiguration Sunday I have become hooked on yet another TV show.  This one, however, is not like my typical diet of reality shows, recent episodes of the Hoarders, or anything with Larry David.  The show I’m stuck […]