Wandering back into Wondering

Jinny and I just finished a writing project (she did 99% of it) and I have had some big projects I’ve been working on that have kept me too busy to do much blogging. I hope to be a little more consistent with posting here to Wondering Thoughts.

Thanks to Mike Pavell for the much needed blog encouragment.

Church for the Highlands is going well and some of the projects that have kept me busy are developing their own momentum.  We seem to be in a new phase, as we are seeing more people come in from the neighborhood (on foot, by city bus, or by catching a ride from someone). The racial and cultural diversity of Highland is becoming more visible in our worship and gatherings. Part of this new phase involves broadening our leadership, as we grow, through deeper involvement in issues and ministry in our area. We couldn’t even begin to meet the needs around us without the partnerships we develop with other churches and organizations in the neighborhood.

A great example of the kind of partnership is with the Highland Blessing Meal ministry that is beginning on April 12. This will be a weekly meal on Thursday nights at the Highland Center gym, put together by a diverse network of local churches and organizations. The idea grew out of a desire to meet a weekly hunger need in our community, one that continues in the spirit of the Thanksgiving Blessing. It will involve table cloths, real utensils, round tables, family-style dining, prayer requests and a short devotional time. We are primarily using a model from the Agape Meal in Ft. Worth, a ministry of Broadway Baptist Church, Ft. Worth. A more detailed explanation of our plan is here: Highland Blessing Meal.

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