E-book or Pulp? Hard to decide.

Electronic books or real pulp?  I have gone back and forth on this subject.  I was a Kindle early adopter, loving the freedom of buying and carrying books without any great effort.  It also solved my bookshelf problem.  After a while, I grew tired of having yet one more screen to look at and drifted back to book in hand.  That’s pretty much where I am now, preferring the feel of a real book in my hands.  I am, though, much like the author (Dwight Garner) of the article below, still using and enjoying both “platforms.”

What is your preference?

The Way We Read Now – NYTimes.com.

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  1. Carey Weeks · · Reply

    Books that I am unsure of go into my electronic pile. Authors I love and have never steered me wrong get an honorary place on my bookcase. When I’ve read an e-book and love it, I feel reluctant to purchase a paper copy anyway.

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