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Preaching from an iPad?

I ran across a Facebook page for preachers interested in preaching with an iPad.  I have used mine for preaching off and on in the last couple of years, but doing so less out of frustration with the problems that come up when you swipe the page incorrectly or if the page crashes on you. […]

Why It’s Good to Read Fiction

If you ever needed an excuse to enjoy a good book (or ebook!), the latest study on reading provides it:  It is good for your brain.  We love stories, enjoying the narrative of created places and events.  Most of our attention, however, goes to TV and film fiction, which cannot provide the same effect as […]

E-book or Pulp? Hard to decide.

Electronic books or real pulp?  I have gone back and forth on this subject.  I was a Kindle early adopter, loving the freedom of buying and carrying books without any great effort.  It also solved my bookshelf problem.  After a while, I grew tired of having yet one more screen to look at and drifted […]

Feeling Overloaded?

I’m a GTD (Getting Things Done) geek and think David Allen’s approach to the stuff of our lives is the best.  There are plenty of things I don’t get done in a given day, but at least I know what I’m not getting done.  Yesterday’s New York Times has an article from him for all […]

John 3:16 Sign, Sans the Rainbow Wig–sermon from today

 “Our John 3:16 Sign”  John 3:14-21   John Henson Delivered to Church for the Highlands The Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 18, 2012 Podcast is here Do you remember this guy?  He tends to pop in our heads when we see the John 3:16 reference.  Ever wonder what happened to him?  I was amazed to […]

St. Patrick’s “Breastplate” Prayer

St. Patrick’s “Breastplate” Prayer (Click Here).

Intricate Pulpits: Photos

These pulpits are fascinating.  I’m getting a few ideas . . . Dark Roasted Blend: Intricate Pulpits: Stunning Examples of Religious Art.

Should We Have Snakes in Worship this Sunday?

I was reading through commentaries this past week re: the John 3:14-21 text for this Sunday.  It is a passage I’ve read and preached on countless times, yet, as with the rest of this Gospel, I always find more to consider. One writer (can’t remember which one) focused on the serpent Moses lifted up in […]

Haiku Thursday

  Sounds of the birds A whole different world heard Masters of mocking ———— A pile of things Like someone lives outside One more eviction ————- Baked cod sandwich Line full of lenten people Lunch at Wendy’s

How to Make a Sacrifice

The Psalm for this Sunday, Psalm 107:1-3, 17-22, is a testimony of praise in worship for God’s redemptive help, especially for Israel in the past as they rebelled and suffered in the wilderness.  The psalmist called out for the congregation to give thanks to God, remembering that God was good and loving. Read the Psalm […]