Sermon Writing and Scrivener

I am using a trial version of Scrivener, after reading a few comments about it in different places. It is available for Mac, Windows, and, soon, the iPad. It is  primarily a tool for writing books, epubs, essays, and poetry.  Several posts about using it as a tool for organizing and writing a sermon are here:

“Quick Note Regarding Scrivener” by Somber and Dull

“Using Scrivener to Write Sermons” at Do Pastors Dream of Electric Sheep?

“New Experiment: Sermon Planning in Scrivener”  at Modern Ministry

“Planning Sermon Series Again” at Juggling Sheep

I’m enjoying the 30 Day Trial, looking forward to how Scrivener can help me organize sermon study notes, ideas, and drafts in one creative spot.  I will also be using it for some other writing projects to see how it does.

Have you used Scrivener? Do tell.

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