Yogi Was Right

The very first Highland Blessing Meal was last night, a wonderful launch in many ways. It is a free, nutritious meal provided each Thursday night at the Highland Center from 6-7PM, intended for people in the Highland neighborhood.  As you can see in the pictures, we use round tables (for conversation and relationship building), real utensils, beautiful plates and bowls.  The idea is to go a step beyond just providing a hot meal to building a loving community of care in the neighborhood.  You can learn more about it in our brochure Highland Blessing Dinner or by contacting Sabra Scoggin, Chair of the Steering Committee.

It is made possible by incredible volunteers from a long and diverse list of local congregations and organizations: Church for the Highlands, First Presbyterian Church, Cathedral of St. John Berchmans, Noel United Methodist Church, All Soul’s Unitarian Universalist Church, King’s Highway Christian Church, Volunteers of America of North Louisiana, St. George Greek Orthodox Church, the Food Bank of Northwest Louisiana, and the Highland Center Corporation.

We had a great start, serving around 50 plates, 30 of which were non-volunteers.  We look forward to the word getting out in the neighborhood and serving more.  We weren’t sure what to expect number wise, as we didn’t promote it too much publicly for the first one.  Advertising works best word of mouth in the Highland neighborhood and we are confident we will soon get to the point we will hit our 150 max for this time.







The food is prepared by a talented kitchen staff, directed by LaShaun Paul, Food Services Director for Volunteers of America at the Highland Center.

Late yesterday afternoon, after a lot of running around to help get things ready for the event, I made a cup of Calm tea (although I was accused of adding other liquids to it) and noticed the following wise saying on the tea bag, which sums up this ministry so perfectly:

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