Cotton Patch Version of Acts Text for this Sunday

I try to check Clarence Jordan’s Cotton Patch Gospel (Smyth & Helwys)version ever so often to get a different perspective on the text.  It is always refreshing.  Below is the Acts 8:26-40 text for this Sunday:

26.  Now a messenger of the Lord said to Phil, “Get ready and go south along the road that goes from Atlanta to LaGrange.” (It’s open country through there.) So he got ready and went. At the same time there was a high-up official of Tuskegee–the treasurer, in fact–who had gone to a convention in Atlanta. He was going home and sitting on the bus reading from Isaiah. So the spirit said to Phil, “Flag that bus!” So he flagged it and got on and saw the man reading from Isaiah. Phil asked him, “Does what you’re reading make sense?” 

Read the rest of it and learn about Clarence Jordan here.

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