Twine Thumbs Up







The Highland neighborhood has another great hangout for great food and drink–Twine..  Twine’s specialty is tea and wine (wine not available yet), but I had their coffee and a blueberry scone this morning.  The coffee (Falstaff) had a positively unique flavor, while the scone was fresh and a perfect match for the joe. I have heard from numerous people already that I should try their lunch menu as well.   It is great to see a new, locally owned eatery locating here.  Check them out today.  Chances are I’ll be back for afternoon tea.

Web address:  Twine
Street Address: 1513 Line Avenue (@ Jordan), Suite 115 Shreveport, LA 71101 (former Mid-City Motor Hotel)
Facebook:  Here

Owner:  Rick’s AutoBil:  Former TV star. Now Foodie. Adopted by the South, but a Yankee through and through. Well traveled, educated and groomed. (Well, two out of three ain’t bad).











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