Maggie Lee for Good Book is Ready for Pre-Order

I was excited to see our new book, Maggie Lee for Good, listed on the Smyth and Helwys website today.  It is still in the printing process (should be out in a few weeks), but can be pre-ordered here.  It will also be available as an e-book.

It is great to see that all of the hard work that has gone into writing the story is almost finished.  Jinny wrote 99% of the book, getting up at 4 AM every morning for six months to write before heading off to work.  It was inspiring to read what she was bringing forth deep from within her memories and emotions.  And it will be inspiring to see how people who have not yet participated in the grassroots movement catch a vision for how good can come from bad; the tragedy of the wreck and the loss of life as well as from the bad situations in the lives of the people who read the story.  What is truly inspiring is how the people, who provided the stories within the book, decided to partner with God in not letting tragedy and death have the last word.


  1. denise arthur · · Reply

    Dearest John and Sweet Jinny,

    When you are given the mission that God has imposed on you I can not image the pain that comes with your journey but I do know the joy that comes with crossing paths with the two of you and Jack. You are all inspiring and radiate God’s love and master plan that we must allow to guide us daily. I know that beautiful young woman that you instilled with all that is good is smiling down on your every accomplishment and bursting with pride. I am sure that a little bit of bragging is allowed in heaven when it is for a wonderful cause. This book will touch so many people in so many ways that it will never be measured but it will most certainly be appreciated. People that are in prayer right now for strength and courage for what seems humanly impossible are about to be given a sign from their God and will come in the form of a book. A love story as the man upstairs intended. Thank you for sharing all that is private and dear to you and just know you are changing peoples paths daily with your open hearts. You are in my prayers and thoughts and at the top of my list among heroes. Love you both and may God’s blessings continue to surround you on your journey.


    1. We love you, too. Thank you for your incredibly encouraging words. Your joy and humor keep our spirits up! We are blessed to know you, Marty, and Nick.

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