Intending Outcomes or Reacting to Life?

Choices for Happiness

I am attending the Volunteers of America National Conference this weekend in Tampa, FL. One of the workshops I attended today was led by Dr. Juliet Spencer, Pastor of St. Andrew’s United Methodist in Baton Rouge, LA She gave a presentation of choices we have for happiness, based on How We Choose to Be Happy: The 9 Choices of Extremely Happy People–Their Secrets and Stories, by Rick Foster and Greg Hicks. It is a book on their interviews and study of happy people from around the world, making note of the choices they consistently make.

The necessary choices for happiness she listed are:

Intend to be happy.
Take responsibility for your own happiness.
Accept that you deserve to be happy.
Reframe your experiences to find something meaningful.
Think outside the box.
Show appreciation and give to others.
Don’t lie to yourself.

Dr. Spencer introduced each of these with enthusiasm, depth, and creativity, providing our crowd in the “giving profession” to think through these for our own lives as well as in those we serve in the programs and services of Volunteers of America.

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