Dirty Dancing?

This is that famous text of David’s dance that is a favorite for the Pentecostals, a tempting dilemma for Southern and Independent Baptists, and an allegory for Mainliners.  Catholics use this as an opportunity for that joke about why Baptists don’t dance.
After David gathered 30,000 men together and headed from Obed-edom to Jerusalem with the ark of the Lord, he “danced before the Lord with all his might,” not the slightest bit concerned about his linen ephod’s potential for flashing the audience. Apparently, everyone else in the crowd–the 30,000 men with David plus the people of Jerusalem–was so excited that with the joy of David’s delivery that his entrance exposed only his unbridled enthusiasm for God.  The only person who was offended was Saul’s daughter, Michal, who “despised him in her heart.”
I love this account because it shows the heart of David for God more than any other.  Yes, David made some mistakes and had problems throughout his life, but he never seems to lose his dancing heart.  It was a whole heart, offered constantly and fervently, more precious to God than the portions of meat and raisin cakes.
Herein lies a great opportunity for preachers to provide some free dancing instructions, sans the linen ephod of course.

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