Neighbor lying half-dead in street

Timely words from N.T. Wright’s Luke for Everyone re the Good Samaritan parable for Sunday’s gospel text:
“No church, no Christian, can remain content with easy definitions which allow us to watch most of the world lying half-dead in the road.  Today’s preachers, and today’s defenders of the gospel, must find fresh ways of telling the story of God’s love which will do for our day what this brilliant parable did for Jesus’ first hearers.”
Therein lies the challenge. There’s no missing the many neighbors lying in the street, given the reports of increasing gun violence in our city, images from the border of refugee children in cages, the normalization of white supremacy, the demonization of political opponents, etc. People may cross to the other side of the street and look away but they see the body. We preachers and teachers must follow in the way of Jesus and help them see the body as their neighbor, just as we hope our neighbor will see us when we are the half-dead body in the street.

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