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Let the Illustrations Begin

The New York Times this morning has a lead story in the Sports section that will find its way into many a pulpit in coming weeks.  The courage, competition, agony of defeat, and perseverance that stand out in the lives of Olympians continue to illustrate themes of the Bible and their preaching points. Here is […]

Sermon Podcast from Yesterday

“Excelling in the Race of Your Life”   2 Corinthians 8:7-15 Delivered to Church for the Highlands Sunday, July 1, 2012 itunes podcast is here

Haiku for this Sunday’s Texts

1 Samuel 8:4-11, 16-20 If only we had A king we can hear and see Wanting less than best ——————————- Psalm 138 Your hand all stretched out Finding God on other end Whole heart and bowed head ——————————– 2 Corinthians 4:13-5:1 Inward renewal Hope is here now and later Key to heart well kept ——————————- […]

Lectionary Haiku

Haikuing this Sunday’s lectionary texts   Isaiah 6:1-8 Hot coal in the air Whole lot of shakin goin’ on Here am I send me.   Psalm 29 A breaking cedar Echoes in the wilderness Speech patterns of God   Romans 8:12-17 No songs of slavery An Agent for adoption A call to Papa John 3:1-17 […]

Overview of Scripture for Trinity Sunday

Review of the Texts for this Week Isaiah 6:1-8 I typically refer to this illustrative text anytime I am preaching on worship.  It is such a powerful picture of what it means to direct one’s attention and heart to God.  It has everything you would expect—a throne, smoke, heavenly sounds of praise, Seraph’s and their […]

Why Preachers Need to Read

I don’t know any preachers who don’t read.  Even though most preachers I’ve encountered tend to have more books than they can shelve in one office, stacks of books doesn’t mean that any of them have been opened, at least in a long time.  We preachers come out of seminary in a mode of reading […]

Festival of Homiletics

I hated to miss the Festival of Homiletics, which is happening this week in Atlanta.  The middle of May isn’t a great time to way, with the end-of-school last lap and all.  It is a great conference, though,  providing plenty of inspiration for preparation for the pulpit. I’m hoping to make it next year. The […]

Lectionary vs. Mother’s Day

The lectionary vs. Mother’s Day.  It has been a battle for preachers since Hallmark started cranking out cards not long after the U.S. Congress gave the day official recognition on the second Sunday of every May (read more about it here).  Not just a few pastors have been scarred forever from within their congregations for […]

Overview of Scripture for this Sunday, Easter 4B

Readings for this Sunday, Easter 4B Acts 4:5-12—Here we see Peter boldly proclaiming the news about Jesus’ resurrection.  He and John have been arrested for their failure to stop spreading the news and now appear before the Sanhedrin for their actions.  Verse 13 is not included in the reading for this Sunday, but it provides […]

Sermon Writing and Scrivener

I am using a trial version of Scrivener, after reading a few comments about it in different places. It is available for Mac, Windows, and, soon, the iPad. It is  primarily a tool for writing books, epubs, essays, and poetry.  Several posts about using it as a tool for organizing and writing a sermon are […]