Communion Sunday

The smell of bread.
The red hue in the chalice.
Communion Sunday.

Our church observes Communion Sunday on the first Sunday of the month.  I guess this has become a tradition, one that works out well on the calendar and in the memory of our members.  It is always a special time of grace, inclusion, and community as we gather around the bread and cup.


  1. As was raised in the Baptist Church and count it a great blessing. I love to read the mystics but cannot hit a golf ball straight. Over the years I discovered that the Communion service to be a most mystical experience. I got through the Naval Academy (was way over my head) through attending the mid-week Communion service, but at the time I had no idea how it was helping me.

  2. Bolling, it is great to hear how Communion made a difference in your life. I’m with you on the golf challenge. My game needs lots of prayer.

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