Even God Rested

The OT Lesson for this Sunday is: Exodus 20:1-17

What new thoughts can be added to the long history of commentary on the 10 Commandments?  Who can one up Keil-Delitzsch?  Who can describe Moses better than Cecil B. Demille?

I have struggled with preaching this text, although I have done so many times, since it is so common.  People’s ears are conditioned to hear it.  Some people around my neck of the woods even have them printed on chloroplast and staked in their yards.   There is no doubting the ubiquity of these ten commandments (words) in our churches, our nation, and culture.  Their presence, however, doesn’t result in adherence.  A quick look at our news, scandals, culture, prisons, and values shows that familiarity doesn’t guarantee compliance.  And a look within our own lives shows that we need not even look  outwardly for the lack of observance.

I am not preaching on this passage on Sunday, but if I were, I would focus in on the command to keep the sabbath.  This is one I continually break, so often feeling the results of such the lack of rest in my body, mind, and in the messes I tend to make when I don’t stop for a rest .  God never intended for us to work non-stop.  Even God took a rest.

What does sabbath look like in your life?

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