5 Ways to Use Evernote with Preaching

5 Ways to Use Evernote in Sermon Writing

1.)  To collect ideas and support information. It provides a trusted and accessible collection point for ideas. I tend to have great ideas when I am not anywhere my computer or pen.  The only place I don’t take my phone is in the shower (and I’m thinking of a way to do this).  Evernote makes an app for every phone, so it is always there and easy to use, syncing in with their online or desktop version.  I can leave a voice memo, take a picture, scan an article, or clip a webpage I want to consider or use as an illustration or part of my sermon.  It is especially helpful when I am online at my iMac, needing to bookmark or clip something for later use in a sermon that week or months ahead.

2.)  To begin a rough draft of a manuscript.  As I first start reading the text I’m using for the week, I do a lot of brainstorming.  This is a great exercise to just get ideas out of my head and onto paper.  The problem with paper, though, is that I can’t always read my handwriting.  I tend to write too fast with the fear that I am going to forget my big idea, only to not decipher two days later what I wrote.  I can easily jot down notes on my Notes app native to the iPhone, but then I still have to email it or sync it in to Mail.  Evernote provides a one step process.  I usually start it there and, once I get down to serious writing, I copy and paste it over to Pages for the full manuscript.

3.)  To build a library of illustrations, quotes, and anecdotes. You can start an A-Z set of notebooks based on topics. When you come across a powerful quote or inspiring story, it will just be a matter of clipping it to the folder or tagging it by topic.

4.). Share documents with your congregation. Evernote makes it easy to share a note or even a whole folder. Stuff a folder with extras and things you refer to but don’t have time to fully explore in your sermon.

5.) File your sermons and supportive data. Just save the final manuscript to Evernote rather than taking up space in a file drawer. Keeping them digitally makes it easy and convenient to search what you’ve preached on before from a certain text, especially with Evernote’s unique search abilities.

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  1. Bill Garrett · · Reply

    Thank you for taking the time to put that up. Evernote is great for so many things and it’s helpful to see how other preachers are using it. Blessings!

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