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5 Ways to Use Evernote with Preaching

5 Ways to Use Evernote in Sermon Writing 1.)  To collect ideas and support information. It provides a trusted and accessible collection point for ideas. I tend to have great ideas when I am not anywhere my computer or pen.  The only place I don’t take my phone is in the shower (and I’m thinking of a […]

Women, Noners, Evernote, and Education

Four articles I recommend from the two Sunday papers I read are: Pick the Best Solution for North LA by Mike Woods, in the Shreveport Times What Would Jesus Do at the Masters? by Maureen Dowd in the New York Times Those without Religious Affiliation aren’t Necessarily Rejecting God by Philip Clayton, in the Shreveport Times […]

5 Favorite iphone Apps for Preaching

iphones make the process and practice of preaching (all that is built into that one word) so much easier than in the past.  My iPhone is a ubiquitous tool for capturing information, ideas and tasks.  Four of my favorite apps for this process are: 1.)  Evernote.  It is a free (unless you go premium) app […]