5 Favorite iphone Apps for Preaching

iphones make the process and practice of preaching (all that is built into that one word) so much easier than in the past.  My iPhone is a ubiquitous tool for capturing information, ideas and tasks.  Four of my favorite apps for this process are:

1.)  Evernote.  It is a free (unless you go premium) app allowing you to capture ideas–via note, camera, or voice.  It allows you to make tags, with a powerful search tool to find what you need quickly.  It is also a great way to go paperless with receipts and other reference materials.  It syncs in with an online account, making it all accessible from anywhere.  I also use it to keep up with sermon ideas and any notes I’ve made about a particular text or illustration idea.  Evernote allows you to make files, keeping things organized beyond just tags.

2.) Sound Cloud–this is much better than a digital recorder.  I primarily use it for capturing the audio from my sermons or meetings for the production of our iTunes podcast.  It is simple to use, especially if you want to feed out to social media sites.  I download the audio after each Sunday and upload directly to our website.  Quick and easy.

3.)  Keynote Remote–while I’m recording the sermon at the pulpit with my iPhone, my son runs the Keynote from his iPhone.  No one can tell who is doing it, as he can sit anywhere and just change slides with a thumb swipe.  The main file is on my iMac in my office.  Even with the bunker-like walls of our building, it runs without any hesitation.

4.)  Dictionary.com–I mainly use this for the thesaurus, although I occasionally need to look up words like “Thesaurus.”

5.)  Twitter–I use HootSuite on my desktop, but when out and about, the iPhone Twitter app is easier to see and use.  I keep up with what is trending, with other lectionary tweeters, and with church members.  I also use it to post my sermon podcasts and blog posts each week.  Since Twitter provides a window on the soul of our world, it is a tremendous pool for research, sociological issues, and points of relevant application for people’s daily lives.

What are your favorite apps?

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